We're SorryApologies to any regular readers who’ve been tuning in weekly to get the latest reviews. Sometimes real life (read: working like a cart horse) gets in the way of what we actually want to be doing, which – like many of you – is watching TV. And writing about it. We’re hoping to get back up and running soon but, in the meantime, check out our Facebook page. When possible, we’re doing bite-size reviews over there. They’re thrilling! And very concise and well-worded, if we do say so ourselves. – K + B


Pond Hopping Girls Open for Submissions

This post will be Pond Hopping Girls’ 300th. As we’ve come closer to that milestone (wow, that’s a lot of words behind us), we’ve thought a lot about expanding beyond our existing schedule and bringing some diversity into the site.

To that end, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at writing, are an out of work journo looking for some (unpaid) work to beef up your CV, or even just really love TV, and you want to review anything that we’re not already reviewing, get in touch with us at pondhoppinggirls@gmail.com and we’ll get you started. 

We are a professional site, so we will be looking for some writing samples, or at least for proof that you can use English well. This is the only requirement for becoming a Pond Hopping Girl (or honorary girl – we’re not gender biased). 

Looking forward to hearing from you!