We’re Retiring!

stock-footage-tv-static-with-stereo-white-noiseWe’re incredibly sad to announce that, as of today, Pond Hopping Girls is going on indefinite hiatus.

We’ve been struggling for a while, now, to juggle real life, PHG and our rapidly dwindling social lives. Something had to give. Regretfully, that something is PHG. As we became more and more busy, and as the list of reviews we were late on piled up, we became more guilty and more stressed. We know that, hard as it may be, leaving PHG behind is the only way we can find that work-life balance we hear people talk about so much. And, possibly, the only way for us to retain the last vestiges of our sanity.

But all is not lost, faithful viewers. The sites (pondhoppinggirls.com and pondhoppinggirls.tumblr.com) will remain active in the hopes that, one day, someone will be willing to pay us to review TV and we can quit our day jobs. Our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) will also stay up and they may actually see some action – we know that, retirement or not, sometimes we’re just not going to be able to restrain ourselves.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who tuned in to our stuff. Thank you to everyone who commented, followed, liked, shared, retweeted… you name it. And thank you to our regular (and irregular) contributors, J(ohn Carey), Eoghan Dalton and Bridget O’Flynn. It’s been special, guys.

Until next time… – K


Pond Hopping Girls Open for Submissions

This post will be Pond Hopping Girls’ 300th. As we’ve come closer to that milestone (wow, that’s a lot of words behind us), we’ve thought a lot about expanding beyond our existing schedule and bringing some diversity into the site.

To that end, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at writing, are an out of work journo looking for some (unpaid) work to beef up your CV, or even just really love TV, and you want to review anything that we’re not already reviewing, get in touch with us at pondhoppinggirls@gmail.com and we’ll get you started. 

We are a professional site, so we will be looking for some writing samples, or at least for proof that you can use English well. This is the only requirement for becoming a Pond Hopping Girl (or honorary girl – we’re not gender biased). 

Looking forward to hearing from you!