“Infected” – The Walking Dead

tumblr_mvq2bwO4QX1ruwr5go2_500Carol Peletier, remorseless murder machine and domestic violence survivor, has been exiled from the prison. Considering the fact that it’s been two episodes since she cold-bloodedly killed two former friends and burned their bodies, it’s about fucking time. I’d have thought Rick would kill her, but the Sheriff doesn’t seem to have her sociopathic tendencies and, rather, allowed her to trundle off into the sunset in a station wagon, with ample supplies, presumably to find a new group (as Rick suggested) or, far more likely, find a nice hole to die in. A bit too much mercy if you ask me, even if stubbly Rick made it very clear that if it had meant the safety of his children he would have been far less kind.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, an increasingly unstable Tyreese, and recently-confirmed alcoholic Bob manage to make it to the fabled veterinary college in search of sweet, sweet western medicine. What we learn, chiefly, from this is that, if it suits the plot, zombies only appear once an objective is complete, and that drawing on Daryl is a really bad idea. Bob, in hopes of preserving his looted brandy, made this mistake, and received one of the most cringeworthy stare-downs in television history. Along with the threat of a thorough, hillbilly ass-whooping should he decide to crack said bottle before the group can return to the prison. Great acting by Norman “Feedus More” Reedus in this scene, being pretty bloody intense with arms all a-glistening. And, now that his debilitating illness is out in the open, Bob’s a much more interesting character, and I’m hoping to see him devolve more over coming episodes. I think Daryl will lay a beating on the poor, skinny fuck, even if he can stay on the wagon long enough to make it home.

Voice actress Brina Palencia makes her first and last appearance on this week’s airing, playing Ana, a girl presumably rather ill-equipped for the end of the world, and reminding us that, even in an apocalypse, one can still find total babes. Sadly, the stoner chick who’s just kind of lucked her way through so far – with the aid of her boyfriend Sam (missing, presumed high as shit) – made a tasty ready meal for a pack of the undead after less than 20 minutes of screen time. Oh, and, thanks to these two, Rick lost a watch. In a moment of “no hard feelings for banishing me,” Carol gives him her dainty Lady-Accurist, with the knowledge that it belonged to her asshole husband, Ed. We were well aware that Ed was an ass-hat already, but finding out about Carol’s knowledge of how to set a dislocated shoulder at home really does nothing to make our memories of the fat, wife-beating sack of shit any better.

Two things really bugged me in this episode. One was the ‘revelation’ that Michonne has been out looking for the Governor for the past few months (as if we didn’t know), and the other is the idea of someone taking the time to climb a ladder and change the price sign on a gas station billboard to read ‘Hell’ (made up of numbers, since it’s too much effort to go get lettering, even though you thought it was fine to take the time to find a ladder, scale it, and rearrange some signage for no one in particular during the end of the world).

Silliness aside, “Indifference” was one of the finest episodes of The Walking Dead to date, at least in terms of enjoyability, if not in terms of good writing. I actually found myself really immersed in this one. Pond Hopping Girls gives this one a huge stamp of approval. Here’s hoping the quality remains at this level, and that the series remains what it seems to have become. It’s not been this good since the days of the Governor. And we all know he’ll be back eventually. – J

Quoteworthy: “You take one sip before those meds get in our people, and I will beat you into the ground.” – Daryl Dixon, giving Bob back his liquor with caveats


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