“The Slump” – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 7.10.13 PMWe’re not sure Brooklyn Nine Nine has quite hit its stride yet. While “The Slump” was, admittedly, far funnier than last week’s “The Tagger” (closer in tone to the pilot), we feel as though it’s still suffering from a certain unevenness and lack of direction.

We’re beginning to feel as though the writers are trying to position it less as a sitcom and more as a comment on humanity. Peralta’s weekly faux pas and moments of idiocy may be the drive in the story – his clashes with Chief Holt are the central arc – but we feel as though they’re the least interesting part of it, and are supposed to be the least interesting part of it. They’re the reason there is a show, but they’re not the show.

Peralta’s strand this week, in which he hit a slump in his freakishly good detecting, was funny as hell (at times), but drily unentertaining. Santiago, Diaz and Gina, on the other hand, were funny and entertaining. Their arc – exploring inter-office relationships and hierarchies – taught us something about the characters (beyond Peralta’s flagrant disregard for authority, which, as a running joke, is already getting tired) and gave us the opportunity to see something new. Even Boyle and Terry’s dollhouse arc entertained more than Peralta.

We sincerely hope Brooklyn Nine Nine finds its speed soon. For a show with so much comic potential and such a good writing pedigree, for a show that is already making us laugh consistently, we would hate to see it all squandered. We’re not quite ready for it to be given up on. – K

Quoteworthy: “Robocop. It’s got everything I like. Gratuitous violence, …” – Diaz


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