“Double Date” – New Girl

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 6.50.31 PMWell, you’d have to say that this week’s New Girl was a touch predictable. So predictable, in fact, that we predicted it right from the season premiere. And yet, we don’t really mind. It’s all in that very specific ‘I told you so’ vein – something we all enjoy, massively. We knew Schmidt’s two-timing was going to end in disaster. We (mentally) warned him. And, now that it has, we’re full of a grim sense of satisfaction, tempered, all the while, with feelings of genuine sympathy – we know he truly loved Cece, and thought he loved Elizabeth. And now he’s lost them both? We do feel for him. We’re not heartless.

Now that that arc has come to its inevitable conclusion, it opens up the season for a lot more drama. First and foremost, Schmidt’s threat to Nick and Jessica. He’s pledged to make their lives hell until he’s succeeded in breaking them up. This should bring us at least a couple of weeks of hilarity as he does whatever he can to drive a wedge between the pair. Given the newly-minted status of their relationship, it also raises the possibility that he might succeed. Perhaps Nessica is going to be fairly short-lived.

The other strand that will likely come out of this will be Schmidt trying to win one of the women back. Possibly both. We’re hoping that it will finally inspire him to choose one. Now that he’s lost them both, he has to know which he really wanted. You know we’re expecting it to be Cece. So we’re anticipating that the remainder of the season will be spent (by Schmidt) trying to show her how wrong he was, and how sorry he is.

The episode wasn’t all heartache, however. It was actually one of the funnier episodes we’ve come across in some time. The hilarity of the majority of the episode (mostly at the hands of Winston) made its conclusion all the more poignant and created a stark contrast. As a result, Cece and Schmidt’s farewell really hit us where it hurt. Watching them both realizing what they were about to lose was a little soul-destroying. We can only hope that they won’t be split up for too long… – K

Quoteworthy: “Just a quick heads up, Nick, Jess. I blame you for this whole thing… I was going to fix it. I wasn’t going to hurt anyone. But since you took it upon yourself to hurt both of them, should it take me the rest of my life, I am going to break the two of you up.” – Schmidt


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