“Dreamworld” – Castle

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.34.37 PMNothing too strange or startling from this week’s Castle. As predicted, he survived. How could he not, we all say. He’s the lead character. So, no, no danger. No drama. No suspense (except the suspense of wondering whether or not we’d have to drag this out into a third episode).

What there was, though in far smaller quantities than one would have hoped, was teary emotion. Martha and Alexis, in their ‘final’ conversation with Castle, made us a little misty eyed, but the emotional punch wasn’t there in the way it usually is. Martha and Alexis didn’t know Castle was dying, so that could go part of the way to explaining the relative calm, but it felt like something more. That feeling was compounded by Beckett, who, we felt, seemed thoroughly unfazed by her fiancé’s imminent demise. I hesitate to lay too much blame at Stana Katic’s feet, but surely some acting compromise between stoic composure and abject despair could have been reached? She didn’t have to just pick one. All in all, it added up to a general sense that the actors, like us, have just had enough of will he/she die or won’t he/she.

The big conspiracy, too, was a little less exciting than usual. Perhaps that can be blamed on the current bi-location format. When in New York, Castle and Beckett play off Ryan and Espo as much as each other and, without that dynamic, the drama felt a little flat.

It was the final moments, however, that stuck in our mind after the credits rolled, not the general ‘meh’ quality of the episode. After Castle wakes in the hospital, and after we learn that everything is fine, Beckett meets Agent McCord in the corridor. They have a brief conversation about Castle, and about the case, with McCord dropping the bombshell that Secretary of Defense Reid – who had killed an American operative in the field – would not be investigated in any way. That can’t sit well with Beckett, the stalwart of black and white, right and wrong. Teaming that with her ruminations about “what partners do”, it seems likely that Beckett is not long for DC. We may be back to our regular format sooner than we thought. – K

Quoteworthy: “Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing. Just because we haven’t figured it out yet doesn’t mean we won’t. Tell you what, though – next time I say I’m dying to see you, let’s keep it metaphoric.” – Castle


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