“The Tagger” – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.51.05 PMAnd, already, the slackening-off starts. This second episode of Andy Samberg’s new comedy vehicle exhibited a dramatic lessening in humor since last week’s pilot. The laughs were more infrequent, the potential slightly lower. And yet we haven’t given up hope. A less-funny-than-last-week episode is still a damn-sight-funnier-than-much-else-on-offer episode. And there were a lot of situations and one-liners that gave us hope that last week’s was the norm.

A lot of what we loved about the first episode was still present here – the back-and-forth between Boyle and Diaz, the courage to be serious in a comedy, the occasional reminders of why McGinley was Peralta’s favorite captain, Peralta’s dual-personality as frat-boy idiot and exceptional detective (often appearing simultaneously to bizarre but excellent effect) – and, if the humor was slightly more lacking, that only means that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still trying to find its footing. We still have faith in this show, although that’s best described as blind faith, now. We’re still holding Parks and Recreation as its metric. If it rose to even a 10th of Parks and Rec’s quality, it would be worth watching. So, for now, it still is. – K

Quoteworthy: “If I have to do things his way, I’m going to do them my way.” – Peralta


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