“Nerd” – New Girl

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 2.19.48 PMWe have the overwhelming feeling that this could all get very tired very quickly. Not the Jess and Nick strand. That’s still going strong and is getting more adorable by the week. We mean Schmidt, Cece and Elizabeth. And the reason that’s getting tired isn’t because love triangles are overdone or because we think Cece is the obvious choice, but because the writers clearly think Cece is the only choice. From the opening moments of this episode through to its closing scenes, it was painfully obvious that they, and perhaps even Schmidt, had chosen Cece. The focus was on her. Even when Elizabeth was on screen, it was as a foil for Schmidt and Cece. This is hardly the balance that the situation calls for. If you want us to believe that Elizabeth is a viable alternative, that Schmidt could feasibly and with good reason chose her, or even that Schmidt loves her, you’re going to have to make us believe it. And you haven’t yet.

The rest of the episode was more promising. Nick and Jess continue to grow as a couple, and as individuals. As Jess vies to get into the cool teacher ‘clique’ (featuring Don’t Trust the B‘s Dreama Walker) at her new job, we see the surfacing of old insecurities and the development of each character as they continue to learn about themselves and grow into each other’s lives. Nick coming to Jess’s rescue again and again (and counseling Winston) was sweet, and showed a new, responsible side to him. Jess choosing to spend time with him rather than her new friends was also telling. They’re both determined to make it work, and can.

And yet, Nessica fans as we are, the parts of the episode we most enjoyed revolved around Winston. As his relationship with Daisy drew to a sudden halt, we were able to enjoy the comically tragic fallout. The transference of his rage from Daisy to her cat was hilarious, but also gave him the opportunity to show the strength and integrity that’s so often covered up by his frequent role as punchline.

Where the season’s premiere episode gave us hope, “Jacooz” showed us that New Girl can definitely still work, even in a post-happy-ending context. There is still conflict, and dark humor, and doubt. It’s still wacky and hilarious. And it’s all still believable. What more could you ask for? – K


“An eye for an eye, Nick. And a cat for a cat.”
“But what’s the other cat?”
“My heart.” – Winston, Nick


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