“Reality Check” – Awkward.

2And our brief reprieve is already past. This week saw an unwelcome return to the by now expected sub-par fare of Awkward.’s Season 3. After an episode during which we refound the faith, during which we once more believed in the magic of Jenna Hamilton et al., we’re back to the dubious ‘humor’ we’ve been presented with thus far this year.

Yes, “Reality Check” was a little bit more than we’ve come to expect recently. The laughs may have been few and far between, the Asian Mafia’s return may have been as un-amusing as usual, and Tamara’s obsession with Niall Horan may have profoundly given us the wiggins, but at least it courted controversy. Not in its content by any means – there’s nothing controversial about a teen dramedy confronting issues of lust and fantasy – but there was controversy in Jenna’s life. Conflict. Drama. And, while it was still predictable, it didn’t feel obvious. The episode was well written, to a point, and left the Collin issue wide open. It provided some tension that may sustain us through the rest of the season, and restored Sadie to her formerly villainous position.

The side issue of Ming’s new appointment as Head of the Asian Mafia was somewhat in the background, which was a blessing, but we’re now having nightmares about the alarming regularity with which the Mafia will no doubt feature. With any luck, Ming’s new position will soon see its disbanding, but we’ve never been that lucky. It’s far more likely that we will be forced to endure week after week of Ming’s unsolicited rise to the top, her transition from member of the Asian masses to all-knowing, all-controlling mob boss. The Black Donnellys of MTV shows, perhaps? Unlikely, but that’s a show we’d watch. As it stands, it’s not something we want to see on Awkward. – that storyline has never appealed.

We could say that we hope that this episode was the aberration, not last week’s, but, again, we’ve never been that lucky. – K

Quoteworthy: “The rumors have been swirling about yesterday’s fight, but I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. In detail. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good bitch brawl.” – Val


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