“Guilt Trippin'” – Awkward.

Awkward-MTV-Season-3-Episode-7-Guilt-Trippin-550x289The less said about this week’s Awkward. the better. It lacked all of the very few things we enjoy about this season – Collin, Mr Hart – and, instead, focused on the very worst about it. It was predictable to a fault. It trotted out the Asian Mafia, which, while funny once, now just feels like the writers are flogging a dead horse. (They’re just not entertaining anymore. Yes, we know the showrunners are playing a long game here, but it’s indecipherable and crazy in the very worst ways.) And, worst of all, it felt like a crappy diary entry.

For a show has always centered on Jenna confiding in her private blog, it has, up to this point, always somehow avoided coming across as a whiny teenager’s emo diary entry. Not so this week. Some combination of Jenna’s self-centered thought (‘I was miserable when I was single and saw happy couples so now everyone must be miserable when they see me’), her irritation at Tamara for telling Jake everything, and her misery because Matty doesn’t dance turned the episode into the very worst aspect of teen culture – a stream of constant complaints. To add insult to injury, the laughs were few and far between, and the ending was so low-key that it took us a beat to realize it was even over.

In the grand scheme of Awkward. episodes, this one hit a new low. – K

Quoteworthy: “Bro code can suck it.” – Tamara


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