“Graduation” – Vampire Diaries

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 1.18.31 PMOh. My. God. Omigod, omigod, omigod.

We could waste time and precious page space talking you trough every single moment of this incredible season finale – one in which so very much happened – but we think the rest of the episode is entirely immaterial when one considers the MAJOR moments that came toward the end and completely changed the face of the show. Suffice it to say that everyone graduated and there were some touching goodbyes before the veil went back up. But we barely care about any of that, because the ending. Oh wow. The ending.

Let’s deal with some of the smaller big stuff first, before we get to that. And relationships up first, because they’re only big stuff for the intense ‘shippers among us. But, boy, was this episode just chock-full of romance! (Be prepared for overuse of couple names.)

First up, Rebekah and Matt. This was perhaps the tamest of the four main love affairs featured in the season finale. It was notable only because they’re finally embarking on some sort of relationship after two years of build up. But it’s more of a friendship than a romantic entanglement, so fans of this particular ‘couple’ will have to wait a little longer for the money shot. Though we feel as though the ‘money shot’ isn’t even necessary. Rebekah’s swiftly changing personality, her sacrifices and sweetness, were not lost on Matt and romance is sure to bloom, if a little reluctantly. What can we expect from this new pairing? Well we’re not sure. Claire Holt, who plays Rebekah, is signed to the cast of The Originals. Will we be seeing Rebekah and Matt exploring life in New Orleans, or will some tragic falling out drive Rebekah to her brothers and Matt back to tending bar in Mystic Falls?

Next we have Klaroline, and perhaps our favorite moment of the finale. Klaus arrived back in Mystic Falls to see Caroline graduate and to deliver his present in person – Tyler’s freedom. Caroline’s joy on seeing Klaus and his oh-so-perfect speech (Quoteworthy) made us hope that Tyler doesn’t actually come back. And we’re not sure he will, if we’re being honest. That would be too boring. And if there’s one thing VD never is, it’s boring. Michael Trevino is still under contract, though, so we’re certain to see him upon occasion. Whether that’s in Mystic Falls or not remains to be seen. We’re still hoping, of course, that when he does come back Caroline won’t be there.

And then, finally, Delena fans can rejoice. She finally chose, and she chose Damon. It’s what we wanted, but we were anticipating disappointment. We’re excited to see what a genuine, sire-bond-free relationship between these two looks like. We know it’s going to be fiery and difficult – Elena’s admission of love told us that much [“Of all the choices that I’ve made, this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon. I love you.” (aww!)] – but we’re optimistic that it will last.

And now we get on to the good stuff. Bonnie’s death proved far more integral to the plot than we had anticipated. Aside from all of the predictably upsetting scenes of tearful almost-goodbyes, it provided us with one of the first major twists of the episode. As she put up the veil and kissed Jeremy goodbye (such a bittersweet farewell), she completed whatever spell it is she had cast and the truth became apparent. She had always meant to die. She gave up her life so that Jeremy could live again. Yes, Jeremy is alive. It was a tidy way for everyone to win. Jeremy is back, but we won’t lose Bonnie either. He sees dead people, so he’ll be able to communicate with her whenever they need her. She gets a backseat but she doesn’t disappear altogether.

Jeremy’s resurrection should prove interesting next season. As we know from Buffy, coming back from the dead is never easy. There are a lot of things that Jeremy and Elena didn’t discuss because of the little time they had together, but now that will all come to the fore. How will Jeremy cope with his renewed lease on life? Where will he live? And, having been declared dead, how can he live at all? There’s going to have to be some creative thinking involved here. It’s likely that he won’t be staying in Mystic Falls. Is he going to be another addition to the cast of The Originals?

The Katherine twist would have been the most surprising if it wasn’t for the whopper that immediately followed it. Letting it stand alone, it was a complete shock. The cure was floating around free this week, being passed from vampire to vampire (notably it was never offered to Caroline or Rebekah). But it wasn’t used on one of the main characters. Instead, it was rammed down Katherine’s throat to save Elena’s life. All Katherine wanted was true immortality. What she got was humanity. This raises interesting questions about next season. Klaus’ ties to the doppelgangers have not waned. Will he be hunting Katherine anew, in a bid to make another hybrid army?

Finally, that biggest of big moments. The final reveal. We’ll take a moment here to brag about how we totally knew Silas wasn’t really dead. CALLED IT. That would have been enough of a twist for us, but that wasn’t all. Because, see, Silas is unnatural, but all magic is rooted in nature. Therefore, balance is the unbreakable rule of using magic. When Silas made himself immortal, a shadow-self was created. One who could be killed. One who looks exactly like Stefan. What?! Stefan has been Silas’ doppelganger all this time. Stefan is the version of Silas that can be killed. And Stefan? Well Stefan is on his way to the bottom of the Mystic Falls quarry, locked in a safe and left to starve.

This should be a huge strand next season. Silas will be interacting with the main characters, masquerading as Stefan, and it may be some time before any of them realizes what’s happened. This is likely to be one of the main excuses for appearances by Bonnie – if anyone can figure it out, it will be her. But we’re looking forward to some incredibly devious activity and some fantastic misunderstandings. We almost can’t wait for the Fall. – K

Quoteworthy: “He is your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.” – Klaus


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