“That Girl Strikes Again” – Awkward.

1As if we weren’t having enough problems with the current season of Awkward. – we just can’t enjoy it as much as we did the previous two – they spring a Halloween episode on us in the middle of May. Talk about festive whiplash! If they try to make us watch a Christmas episode in June there may be trouble.

This episode focused on Jenna’s continued feelings of social isolation… is what we would say if this was a serious show that was still doing emotion well. In reality, it was an episode about Jenna feeling like Matty was out of her league, being manipulative to put herself in a situation where she would feel like he was more like her, being a bitch when she gets there, and then lying to him. We’re sensing trouble in paradise, and we don’t think Matty is the troublemaker. He seems increasingly like the affectionate, emotionally honest and upfront young man Jenna wanted him to be and, the more he changes, the less she likes him. Her internal response when he asked why she liked him – “Abs, teeth, abs, hair, abs.” – while hilarious, was incredibly telling about the future of this relationship. We don’t think that future is going to be too long.

More trouble may be brewing in the form of Collin’s girlfriend, Angelique (Brooke Anne Smith). She seems like the proverbial devil on Jenna’s shoulder. Instant friends, bad attitudes. They both seem to behave similarly toward their boyfriends – not very well. IMDb has Angelique as a recurring character, and we see drama in her future.

“That Girl Strikes Again” threw up another potential arc in the form of Angelique’s brother, Austin, and Sadie. A tentative, if reluctant, relationship may blossom here, giving us more reason to spend time with the infinitely superior Thadwick kids, which can only be a good thing. Broadening the scope of the show past its existing universe should provide much needed variety to the ever-staler show.

So this gives us the potential for a gradually improving season. But we’re not going to hold our breath. We’re too realistic for that. – K

Quoteworthy: “Well you can take the girl our of the cast, but you can’t take the outcast out of the girl.” – Sabri


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