“We All Fall Down” – 90210

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 12.01.14 PMOkay, we were wrong. We got nearly every single thing in our finale predictions absolutely 100 per cent wrong. But we don’t even care. Why? Because this was the perfect ending to 90210. Perfect. Well, perfect-ish. But mostly perfect. Oh god, the happy tears.

The action picks up right where the previous episode left off. Immediately, we learn that Annie and Dixon are fine. Navid was knocked out, but is also fine. Ade is trapped under the stage. Naomi, Silver and Liam each make their way to the venue. With all of the friends in one place, they each deal with the disaster in their own way. Dixon throws himself into the rescue effort, showing a natural flair for humanitarian relief work. Silver and Annie use it to distract themselves from the dramas in their own lives. Naomi throws a concert to repair her image. And Navid runs into the still dangerous building to save Ade. Silver does have cancer but, with Dixon’s help, makes the decision to fight it. Silver and Ade make up, Ade is rescued, then Navid is. Naomi and Jordan beat his mother and get to be together. Sydney tells Liam to read the end of Undressed, and he makes a mad dash to the airport, racing a plane to stop Annie flying out of his life forever. And then proposes! All the happy tears.

The episode wasn’t without problems. Some of it felt too hurried and too convenient. The Ade and Navid storyline is the one we felt was altered most in the change from season finale to series finale. Throughout the episode, it felt as though we were building to some disaster – either Navid or Ade was going to die, and it was going to be surprising and upsetting. The fact that they both survived didn’t feel like a relief, it felt like the writers had changed their minds last minute so they could go out on a relatively positive note.

This episode was clearly intended as a cliffhanger-ridden season finale and, in many ways, it still watches just like that. That could have been a bad thing – the too hasty resolutions, the occasional lack of sufficient suspense, the absence of answers to some of the important questions (like why Liam’s bag caused an explosion) – but, for some reason, it really worked. The cliffhanger mentality, teamed with the surprising lack of a five-year-jump, created this sense that the characters and their lives will continue even if they’re no longer on the screen. Now that we’ve watched it, we know that no other ending could have worked for 90210. A show that is so steeped in drama, a show in which the characters rarely get the simple happy ending, would have been poorly served by a conclusion that wrapped up everyone’s life in a neat little bow. So we don’t know whether Silver beats cancer, we don’t know if Naomi and Jordan work out, we don’t know whether Dixon gives up producing to become a humanitarian, and we don’t know whether or not Ade and Navid live happily ever after… so what? Isn’t it far better that we get to decide ourselves? This ambiguous ending makes it possible for the characters to live on in our minds in a way that no other ending could have achieved. Perfection. – K

Quoteworthy: “It’s never over. It’s only just beginning.” – Naomi

PS Goo Goo Doll’s guest with fantastic new song “Rebel Beat


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