“Readiness is All” – Grey’s Anatomy

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.23.15 PMPretty standard fare from this week’s Grey’s, but sufficient to tee us up for a tension-filled and possibly fatal finale. The big stories of the week remained Bailey, Karev and Wilson, and Owen and Ethan. There were no real surprises in any of these, with the exception of the revelation that it was Wilson who almost beat Jason to death, not Karev. Richard got Bailey back into surgery. Owen finally admitted that he wanted to adopt Ethan so, predictably, Yang fixed Ethan’s dad.

The will-she-won’t-she cheating arc came to a head by episode’s end, with Arizona and Lauren wrapped in a steamy embrace in an on-call room. The big surprise of the episode came in the form of Matthew’s flash-mob proposal to Kepner, which she accepted. As the episode closes, each of our characters (with the exception of Alex and Wilson who have finally realized how they feel about each other and are at Alex’s house) is confined to the hospital, with a storm raging outside. The generator is on the fritz. Meredith has gone into labor.

Predictions for the finale: Matthew will die while he’s out in the storm. Next season, Kepner will be consumed by guilt for feeling relieved when she heard the news. This guilt will be compounded when she turns to Jackson seeking comfort.

The generators will continue to fail during power cuts, putting the lives of the patients and doctors in danger. Either Meredith’s delivery will be incredibly difficult and made even more so by the constant power cuts, or it will go incredibly easily and she’ll insist on helping the hospital through the storm. It’s Meredith Grey, though, so we’re assuming it will be the former.

Bailey will probably be forced to operate on someone she knows (either Matthew or Meredith). She will nearly crumble under the pressure, but will make it through. Will her patient?

What is certain is that Grey’s Anatomy is incapable of rounding out a season without a disaster that will rock us to our very core. We’re looking forward to finding out what this year’s will be. – K

Quoteworthy: “I fell because I have the same center of gravity as a Jersey cow.” – Meredith

PS Special mentions for happy Peyton Sawyer (Dr Lauren Boswell), who we love (despite her status as evil temptress), and the acoustic version of “500 Miles” that rounded out the episode.


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