“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – Game of Thrones

game-of-thrones-the-bear-and-the-maiden-fairAmazing how 8,000 soldiers and three dragons can transform a slender young woman into one of the most intimidating sights we’ve ever seen on Game of Thrones. And this latest offering to the die-hard fans was more than full of intimidating characters. Tywin, fierce and brutal,staring down the boy-king Joffery. Brienne, fending off a wild beast with nothing more than a wooden waster. Jaime, who, even bereft of limb, is still capable of inducing fear in the hearts of men. In the Seven Kingdoms, such a horrifying universe to start with, fear is what gives men the right to rule. And so we have this week’s theme – fear. Aspiring CEOs could learn so much. Wall Street, here I come. (Just for giggles, try picturing Tywin Lannister as Gordon Gecko.)

Nah, I’d never be able to pull myself away from .gifs of the lovely Rose Leslie. Or my couch. And it was on this couch I sat bleary-eyed yesterday morning, watching GoT and dreading finals (for they are dark, and full of terror), thoroughly enjoying every last second. The things I do for you people. Now I’m more than willing to admit I was horrified, but that was part of the appeal. This show shocks you, makes you twinge and flinch and watch breathlessly from the edge of your seat half the time. It’s like a really awesome soap opera. No, really. Pregnancy scares, backstabbing, forced marriages… all we need is a few comas and GoT turns into Days of Our Lives: Westeros.

But then we all know that this is a serious show, and no amount of dry, witty humor (I’m looking at Jaime and Tyrion) can distract us from the sheer human drama (or occasional animal drama, if you count dragons).

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about role models. I stand up to pee and, as a result, I feel I grew up with an ample supply of strong men to emulate on TV, in movies and in books. But for those bereft of penises – with Theon presumably part of that circle now – it can’t be that simple. I mean you have Leia from the Holy Trinity of Star Wars; Uhura, maybe, but then she did have to kiss Shatner (good or bad, you tell me); and, speaking of Star Trek (Voyager, in this case), there is always Captain Janeway. Not quite so diverse a field to choose from. But, and I think I’ve written about this beforeGame of Thrones has so much more to offer.

Let’s take Osha, ably played by Tonks from Harry Potter (Natalia Tena), as an example.  She’s a wildling, content and badass in equal measure. The man she loves is destroyed by supernatural forces (albeit, seemingly, part of nature beyond the wall) and comes back to kill her. She has to burn her own home to the ground to save herself, and tries her damnedest to get far south. Fuckin’ smart. Fuckin’ strong. And even after all that she wants to do her duty, to do right by her word. That’s a role model.

It seems the only real liberators, righteous warriors and godly people in this whole universe are women. Right fucking on. Happy belated ‘Murican Mothers Day. – J

Quoteworthy: “You are in the presence of Danyearys Stormborn of the House Targearyn, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.” –  Missandei



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