“Something Old” – How I Met Your Mother

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.31.56 PMAh! Mention of the move to Rome! Not just a mention – packing. Actual packing. We were wondering if they’d forgotten. So we guess they’re actually going? This is How I Met Your Mother, so we can’t be sure just yet.

The focus of the (not wholly terrible) episode was on Robin and Ted, really, even though each of the other characters played a part. Robin’s dad and Barney provided the comedy, with the pair traveling along a rollercoaster of father-son bonding. Lily and Marshall’s imminent departure was merely a foil for Ted and a way for him to come to the necessary realization by episode’s end.

As has so often been the case recently, the episode was relatively lighthearted throughout, (but not hugely funny – another thing that features frequently is the drop in the quality of the comedy writing) and closed with an emotional and serious moment. This week, that moment was Robin finally admitting her fears about marrying Barney. We had all seen this crisis of confidence coming almost since the proposal, but it took a missing locket and Ted showing up when Barney didn’t to bring it all to the surface for Robin.

We now enter the season finale with a certain uncertainty about how things will turn out. Despite’s Ted’s assurances – and his own light bulb moment about the difference between symbols and real life – Robin seems no more sure about her path. In fact, as the episode closed, we get a troubling moment in which Robin seemed to be regretting that she chose Barney over Ted. We know she’s not the Mother, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go through with the wedding.

We honestly don’t know what to expect from next week’s finale, nor do we know what we want to see. Other than the intro to the Mother. Obviously. Fingers crossed! – K

Quoteworthy: “The way you used that kid having an asthma attack as a human shield? That took my breath away.” – Barney


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