“The Climb” – Game of Thrones

photo-5-1024x768Things haven’t gone well for Theon Greyjoy, have they? I mean, it’s one thing to be tortured and then tricked into thinking he had escaped, but not knowing the name of his captor? That really is torture. But, like I’ve said for weeks on end, it’s Ramsay fucking Bolton. This proves it, what with the sadism and all. (Retroactive Spoilers!)

I liked this week’s instalment.  Nowhere near as boring as the first of the season and, overall, rather fun. A little action, a little intrigue, and plenty of the kind of human drama we all watch this show for. It’s good to finally see some characters cross into the story arcs of others. Case in point, Melisandre finally showing up and actually doing something. Though what she wants with Gendry escapes me, I suspect that those who’ve read the books will know all too well. I really hope he won’t be raped by those Baratheon soldiers, but we all know that bad things happen to pretty boys deep in the woods. Even though that goatee is really off-putting, at least for me. But, then again, guys aren’t really my target demographic.

Speaking of casual buggery, I’m a bit disappointed at how stereotyped the only gay character left in the show, Loras Tyrell, is. I mean he’s gay, but does he really have to be that gay? The fastidiousness and femininity we saw in this episode seem out of character for Loras. Fine, he’s gay. Let’s not be clichéd about it.

Olenna Redwyne has secured her place as my favourite character after her scene with Tywin Lannister. Aside from how accepting and witty she is, I think that her conniving nature really suits the feel of the show as a whole. Tywin and Olenna seem like mirror images of each other. As the aging heads of dynasties vying for power and glory, they provide a certain air of nobility to the episode – something that’s been missing up to now. Their scene together really added to my enjoyment of this episode and, frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing them bang. Wrinkly as that may be.

As for Ygritte and Jon (the only characters we at Pond Hopping Girls unanimously wanted to see do the horizontal monster- mash and who, so far, are the only ones who have [on screen at least]), this was a far less eventful episode than last week’s. Admittedly they ascended a 700-foot-high sheer wall but, apart from the threat of a cock being removed, and some making out over a scenic view, nothing much happened. Oh, wait, we learned that Ygritte knew that Jon Snow was a double agent. Well you can’t blame me for forgetting. They underplayed that scene quite a bit.

The best thing about “The Climb”? Undoubtedly the monologue delivered by the ever-creepy Littlefinger, accompanied by some rather shocking imagery. I’ve always thought of Aiden Gillen as only a moderately good actor, but the menace, the sheer unsettling nature he exudes in his few moments on screen, made me reconsider this. My editor might hate his guts, but I love that man. Mad props bro. – 

Quoteworthy: “Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder… the climb is all there is.” – Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish


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