“The Undertaking” – Arrow

The UndertakingNot a bad episode (but not fantastic either), “The Undertaking” did just what it needed to keep us watching for another week, but we feel it could have done more. The episode gave us great action sequences (the best we’ve seen since the return from mid-season hiatus), Walter’s return to his family, tension between Oliver and Diggle, Felicity being awesome, Laurel and Oliver revelations, revelations about the past, and our very favorite thing – flashbacks that weren’t set on the island!

There are a few important nuggets we should take away from this episode – Oliver’s dad killed a man by accident and everything he did to try and fix the Glades was to atone for that. Oliver’s dad was taking the Queen’s Gambit to China to find investors to help him buy up the Glades so he could block Malcolm’s redevelopment plans. The redevelopment plans are The Undertaking. We finally know what the Undertaking is.

Yes, kids, Malcolm plans to blow a crater in Starling City exactly the same size as the Glades. Until they’re gone, he says, the Glades will always be an unfixable, unsalvageable hellhole. Destroy the Glades to rebuild the city. Robert Queen, at the urging of his wife, was the only one willing to stand up against the murder of the innocents who live there. The destruction, going ahead now that Robert isn’t around to stop it (he was killed, incidentally, by Frank and Malcolm), will be wrought by a machine that imitates natural disasters, making it impossible for the death to be linked back to Malcolm and the rest of the group.

But it won’t really be impossible, because Oliver, Felicity and Dig are on the case. Oliver is now sure of his mother’s involvement and is determined to find out what exactly she is involved in. The dreaded machine is in Starling City and Oliver knows nothing about it yet. He better find out soon, before it’s too late. We’re having visions of him attempting to evacuate the Glades à la Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. As we enter the final stretch, we sense that things are about to get a little insane. We can’t wait. – K



“Will you please go talk to Tommy for me?”

“And say what?”

“Say that you and I are over. That you’re not still in love with me.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it wouldn’t be true and I have enough lies in my life already.” – Laurel, Oliver


PS Oliver is obviously going to have to stop Malcolm. Lately, Tommy has been more involved with his dad, and wearing a lot of black. What if, after Oliver takes down the father, the son rises up to take his place? Tommy as villain is something we’d like to see.

PPS Laurel’s totally going to find out the truth about Oliver, isn’t she…

PPPS Where were Thea and Roy this week? Worst detectives ever.


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