“She’s Come Undone” – Vampire Diaries

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 6.31.49 PMVampire Diaries reached new heights of cruelty this week, and we’re not talking about the torture scenes. Silas taking on the form of Klaus to torture Caroline. That was just mean. Not for her. For us! Because Caroline actually seemed to want to go to New Orleans with him. We were about to get our way. Klaroline in NOLA. Alas, (so far) it’s not to be. And Candice Accola prevaricates beautifully when questioned about it. We’ve never seen someone dodge questions so skillfully. One has to wonder why she even agreed to be interviewed. Excuse our sarcasm. We’re feeling bitter.

The rest of the episode was actually pretty good, by VD standards. The Elena torture scenes were not overly disturbing, but still packed enough of a punch to make them feel realistic. The Matt and Rebekah storyline continues to get cuter. We appreciated the nod to Buffy when Matt tried to pull a Xander to get Elena to flip her switch. And we were actually brought to tears twice – first by Matt’s ‘death’ (and Elena’s reaction to it [switch is most definitely back on]), and then again by Caroline’s mom’s ‘death’. That latter scene actually made us more hopeful about the potential for a NOLA-based Klaroline. As Caroline pleaded with her mother not to leave her, she promised to get her out of Mystic Falls. Is a move to Louisiana on the cards for the Forbes?

Other than that, there were two main strands that will likely be significant as we move forward:

First is Elena’s whole reason for living. As her humanity flooded back, she was on the verge of losing control until Stefan told her to “find the thing inside of you that makes you want to live”. At the time, we (and presumably Damon) thought that was going to be Stefan. Later, we found out that it’s actually killing Katharine. That should make the last two episodes interesting to watch, especially when one considers how that will impact the other main strand in this episode.

That other strand is Bonnie. She’s got a strange plan for getting rid of Silas. One that we are yet to learn all the ins and outs of, but which will undoubtedly be insane. It involves lowering the veil and speaking to Katsya. It all hinges on Katharine giving her Silas’ tombstone so she can use the blood of Katsya to lower the veil whenever she wants. It even sounds ridiculous as we type it, so we’re certain there’s more to it than she’s letting on. Doubtless it has something to do with Jeremy. We doubt they’re going to cut Steven McQueen from the line-up for long. But, regardless, the tombstone remains the focal point of her plan. If Elena kills Katharine – for ruining her life and destroying her family and friends – then Bonnie’s plan will come to naught. We don’t know who we want to win in this battle. But we do know that we’re looking forward to the next episode. – K

Quoteworthy: “There aren’t enough apologies in the world for the part I played in this. Running you off the bridge. Elena becoming a vampire to save you. If you don’t want me to cheat you into college, fine. We’ll do it the hard way. But, Matt, I will spend every day until graduation trying to find a way to pay you back.” – Rebekah

PS We know that we rail against Caroline a lot – she’s a judgmental pain in the butt – but she can be really sweet sometimes, and it’s hard not to love her.


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