“Do You Believe in Magic” – Grey’s Anatomy

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 7.12.10 PMOverall, we didn’t love this week’s Grey’s. It wasn’t bad. Not exactly. It just felt exactly like every single episode we’ve watched in the last five months. Which is why this review starts with almost exactly the same sentiment as last week’s. We’ve seen all of this before. Jackson and April? Old news. Owen and Ethan? Old news. Case inspires doctor to solve something in their personal life? Old news.

There were a scant few aspects of “Do You Believe in Magic” that rose above the usual to pique our interest. First among these was the episode’s arguable core – Bailey. Throughout the episode, she remained holed up in her lab, ignoring everyone. They all thought she was pissed at them. We saw through that. She was clearly afraid to go back into surgery in case she hurt anyone else. But it took the arrival of husband Ben to get her to admit that, even to herself. This was an interesting side of Bailey for us to get a glimpse of. We’ve seen plenty of her neuroses – most notably, this year, in relation to her wedding – but have never seen her lose confidence about surgery. That was something new.

We also got introduced to a potential affair for Arizona. We can scarcely believe we’re writing those words. She’s always seemed so clean cut and innocent and pure. Like a less annoying Kepner. But the vibes are definitely there. Visiting doctor Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton, One Tree HillWhite Collar) is turning the flirting way up. She knows that Arizona is married and she doesn’t care. Arizona seems more than flattered by the attention and, with Burton signed on for presumably at least one more episode (the surgery she’s in town for hasn’t happened yet), are we about to see our perfect Dr Robbins falter?

Finally, the only storyline that could perhaps have more far-reaching consequences than an Arizona Robbins affair – Jo Wilson getting beaten up by her boyfriend. As the curtain falls on this week’s Grey’s, we see Wilson waiting for Alex at his house. As she turns her face out of the shadows, we see that she’s covered in bruises. And the screen fades to black. At this point, we can only assume that Jason hit her. And we know Alex and we know that there’s no way he’s going to not kill the guy. Two episodes remain in this current season. The promos make them look pretty tense. But will the real cliffhanger be whether or not Alex will be spending the next season in a jail cell? Tune in next week to find out! (Or the one after. We’re not sure how this two-parter is gonna go down.) – K


Quoteworthy: “He needs someone to look after him. And I can’t. I just can’t” – Ethan’s grandmother. We bet Owen can


PS We’re still certain that Owen is going to adopt Ethan. Even if he doesn’t, we’re predicting an end to Owen and Cristina sooner rather than later.


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