“You Can’t Win Em All” – 90210

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.16.24 PMNot quite sure what to make of this week’s 90210. It seemed a bit frenetic – the consequence of being mere weeks away from a (somewhat) surprise cancellation, we suppose – but also, for the large part, skipped out on addressing the one thing we were really interested in. If you had asked us after “The Empire State Strikes Back” what we most wanted to see from this episode, we would have answered with an unequivocal ‘Annie and Liam, then Mark in jail’. Mere moments into “You Can’t Win Em All” we no longer cared about either of those things. Suddenly, for us, it was all about the lump Silver found. And they buried it throughout the entire episode. There are oblique references to it – Silver has a hospital appointment, and later tells Dixon she has a lot on her mind – but, other than that, the focus of the episode is predominantly on Naomi of all people. Yes, it’s related to Mark and, yes, Annie and Liam featured, as did Ade and Navid, and Michaela, but pushing all of the other important storylines aside to focus on Naomi’s issues about her brother moving away seemed strange.

There were some other elements of the episode that, like last week, seemed too monumental to introduce so close to the end of the series, but which also intrigued us. Foremost among these is, obviously, Silver’s lump. Others include Jordan’s apparent shady dealings with his mom, Mark’s departure, Michaela skipping out, and Liam announcing that he wants Annie to buy the Offshore so he can move to Australia with Sydney (which made us lol. Oh, geography…). These latter two will probably be the issues that the final few episodes revolve around. We don’t see Liam actually leaving. This isn’t just about us being determined to be right about our finale predictions. We know teen drama – they don’t send away one half of a will-they-won’t-they days before the show ends for good. This is Lucas and Peyton, Summer and Seth. They will end up together. We’re just not sure what will bring them together in time for the finale.

Michaela’s departure really intrigues us, too, and we wish we had longer than two weeks to sort it out. It has huge implications, though, for those last couple of episodes – Silver has discovered a lump so the disappearance of her surrogate is sure to send her into a tailspin. It also left us wondering if a surrogate running away when pregnant counts as kidnapping. Hopefully that question will get answered next week. – K

Quoteworthy: “I’m seriously starting to wish that I was the brother in jail.” – Dixon


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