“The Bro Mitzvah” – How I Met Your Mother

The Bro MitzvahThis week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was intensely, immensely predictable. I don’t think there was one ‘twist’ that we didn’t see coming a mile off. It suffered from many of the symptoms that have plagued HIMYM in recent seasons – clinging too close to one single aspect of characters’ personalities (painting Lily as a sexually adventurous housewife, Barney as a petulant child, Ted as a bumbling fool), tragically overused ‘catchphrases’, that predictability… It certainly wasn’t the best of HIMYM. Not even close. And yet we didn’t care. Somehow it still entertained. With the exception of Lily, we actually enjoyed each of the characters and, sadistically, loved seeing Barney try to be a better man and learning that he does have a heart, and it can be broken. There were a few funny moments, too.

You ask how we could possibly have liked an episode that seemingly had so little to offer us? We’re not surprised. We certainly don’t seem overly enthused about it. Perhaps years of subpar episodes have lowered the bar for watchability. For us to enjoy an episode of HIMYM, maybe it just has to make us laugh once or twice and not offend us. All it has to do, now, is offer just enough to keep us going through each episode, and enough to keep us interested in watching the next one. And this did that. Not that we would give up on the show, anyway. Not now that we’re so close to finding out who the Mother is. It’s likely that the big reveal will be held off until the Season 9 premiere. A reason to keep watching, even after ‘only okay’ episodes like this. We just have to know. Just one more year to get through. The end is in sight. – K

Quoteworthy: “Shut it, Ralph Macchio. Why don’t you go have a party with Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter and War Horse and all the other movie villains and stop ruining mine.” – Barney

PS Ralph Macchio and (the real Karate Kid) William Zabka guest.


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