“Sleeping Monster” – Grey’s Anatomy

450x254xgreys-anatomy-sleeping-monster-clip-i-need-you-there_450x254.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7l9263XyidThis week’s Grey’s was a strange one. While watching it we enjoyed it but, now, looking back, it feels static to us. It didn’t give us anything new, aside from Bailey’s simultaneous accusation and exoneration (she was a carrier for the infection, but it was the gloves brought to the hospital by Pegasus that caused the disease to spread). Owen was still really interested in Ethan (in a non-creepy way). Alex realized he’s in love with Wilson, but that’s not really news to us. Yang realized that she’s going to lose Owen, which we saw coming a couple of weeks ago. April and Jackson were fighting, no one trusted Jackson to lead, and April got back together with an ex. Even Bailey’s fight with Webber didn’t excite. The Grey’s staff are always fighting. It never lasts. Call us when something important happens. Right now, it feels like we’re stuck in one place. In some cases – like with Kepner and Matthew, and Alex and Wilson – it even feels like we’ve gone backward a few steps.

Honorable mention for the family reunion storyline. It gave us two characters we actually enjoyed seeing on the screen: teenage journo Frankie (Abbie Cobb, 90210,Suburgatory) and sad sack Uncle Al (Mike Hagerty, FriendsWayne’s World), both of whose stories we found compelling. – K


“She’s my friend.”

“ You sound stupid when you say that.” – Alex, Cristina

PS What is Wilson doing moving in with someone when she hasn’t told him about her past? Idiot.


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