“If Tomorrow Never Comes” – Hart of Dixie

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.02.06 PMHart of Dixie continues to impress with its minimal plots and maximum impact. We talked a very little bit last week about how confining the action of an episode to two or three basic strands can actually improve it for viewers, and that remained true with “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

The plot was focused on two main arcs. The first is a continuation of a major strand from last week’s episode – the drama over at the Rammer Jammer. As we suggested last week might happen, this plot is already being used as comedic fodder in otherwise lacking episodes (not that this episode was lacking comedy but, to compensate for the other main arc, it needed all the comedy it could get). The episode saw Lemon and Wade clashing about the direction the Rammer Jammer was going to take – salon or sports bar. Much hilarity ensued, but it also reinforced the idea that, while they may clash on every single decision, Lemon and Wade are going to be fantastic co-owners. They both have great ideas. All they need is some compromise. And they found that at the end of this episode – expansion. Not that it worked too well for them off the bat but we think, long-term, it can only mean good things. (We’re also getting romantic vibes from them, but we’re sincerely hoping those don’t come to anything, no matter how interesting it would be.)

The second was Brick’s mysterious news for Shelby. As predicted, his MRI scan was not clear. He had a pituitary gland tumor and had to undergo surgery to have it removed. This arc, surprisingly, focused little on Brick (who was fine by the end of it) and a lot on Shelby and Zoe. The main thrust of it revolved around Shelby’s fear of the surgery going badly (a fear incited by Zoe). She left Brick when he needed her. Cue Zoe’s desperate efforts to repair her damage, and get Shelby to Brick’s bedside before the surgery. And then Brick asks Shelby to marry him and it’s nearly a disaster, but isn’t. Zoe and Jonah argue throughout the episode but, for the first time, we’re actually feeling the sparks between them.

Subsidiary plots involved Annabeth and Lavon fighting because Lemon and Wade were fighting (which was cute, and funny), and George featuring, once again, as the comedic foil for the entire show when Tansy’s brothers come into town. George and Tansy are growing closer than ever and, when Zoe tells him she’s still interested in him, it becomes clear that nothing’s going to come between him and Tansy any time soon. This sort of opens things up for Zoe and Jonah, which is great – he’s too good-looking to not be on this show more often. Shallow? Us? Naaaaah… – K

Quoteworthy: “I will deny this if you ever repeat it, but that stubborn, crabby jerk is the closest I’ve got to a father in this town.” – Zoe, about Brick


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