“A Little Less Conversation” – Awkward.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.38.39 PMLast week, we said that we were relieved to discover that Awkward. hadn’t suddenly started sucking. Perhaps we spoke too soon… It’s not that this week’sepisode was bad. We honestly can’t remember a time when Awkward. ever was. It just wasn’t great. Suddenly it feels like all of the magic of the season was used up in those first two episodes back and it’s going to be ‘only okay’ from here on out. We sincerely hope we’re wrong about that.

The problems with this week’s episode were not plentiful. In fact, they revolved around one thing: Jenna. We’re not sure what it was about her that so irked us this week (here at Pond Hopping Girls we’ve historically been divided about Jenna – K’s a fan, B’s not), but irked we were. We can’t really blame her for not instantly realizing that Matty was pissed, not about the almost pregnancy, but because she told Jake about it first. That wouldn’t have been our first assumption either. Our real problem with her was probably her ‘the whole world revolves around me’ attitude. Not even her trying to avoid Matty, exactly, but the lengths she went to to do it. She made Tamara uncomfortable, ruined date night (BFGFBFF, the double D is implied) and generally acted like an idiot, all in the name of ‘avoiding a talk’. Can you be more juvenile?

The Asian Mafia storyline continues, but we get nothing new from it. It was hilarious, as always, but felt a little stagnant. We know Ming is playing the long game, and is secretly dating Fred Wu (Becca’s ex) while using Henry as her beard. We just don’t know why. We’re hoping this arc unfolds significantly over the coming episodes.

A major plus for us this week was the apparent close friendship between Matty and Sadie. Yes, it came completely out of nowhere, but it really works. It’s nice to see this side of Matty. Up to this point what we’ve seen is what Jenna’s seen – a whole lot of shirtlessness and very little else. But now we know he’s actually a really sweet, sensitive guy who cares a lot about his friends. We also enjoyed seeing the vulnerable side of Sadie. It’s not something we’re often treated to, but it’s always interesting when we get it. Put this usually private pair together, and we’re bound to have some great storylines. We’re still getting flirtatious vibes from Sadie, but we’re hoping she’ll be able to control herself and allow them to just be friends. Because like this? It really does work. – K

Quoteworthy: “For the record, Miss Saxton, I don’t think you killed Ricky. But I get why people think you did.” – the PI brought in to investigate Ricky’s death (there were semi-suspicious circumstances and evidence of pre-death sex)


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