“Red Velvet Cupcakes” – The Mentalist

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.49.32 AMWe don’t even care what this week’s case was about (other than to say that we 99% called it after exactly eight and a half minutes) because, ermagherd, Rigsby and Van Pelt. Yes, we know what we said last week. Yes, we know we decried it all as mawkish ratings grabbing. We’re willing to admit we were wrong. We should have had a little more faith. (Though can you really blame us for giving up hope?) This week was perfect. Not only was there a small break from Jane’s incessant Red-John-board-staring, but we finally got to see, after so very, very long, Rigsby and Van Pelt admitting how they felt about each other. And it was totally sweet and exactly right and, now that we think about it, couldn’t have happened any other way. So maybe we lied, and maybe we care about the case a little bit, but only because it’s what finally brought them together. Fake relationship counseling, real relationship issues. The way this episode played out made us not care (for once) that we knew who the killer was, and what the motive was, pretty much from the outset. It also, for the first time in a long time, made us excited to see what happens next week. Great job, The Mentalist. We approve. – K

Quoteworthy: “I love that you’re a dad… When we got together we were kids. I was a young, naïve girl. I wasn’t ready to commit to you. It wasn’t about the job. At least that wasn’t all of it. But things have changed since then. We’re not the same. And that’s okay. I like who I am now. I like who you are. You’re a man.” – Grace

“You know how I feel about you. It’s the same way I’ve always felt. It’s never changed, since the first day I met you.” – Rigsby


PS Forgive the gushing. We’re sleep deprived.

PPS This episode encapsulates exactly what we meant in our Castle review last week. The CBI team can’t do anything without Jane. During this episode, Lisbon actually pleaded, “Jane, I need you.” Have you forgotten how to fight crime by yourself, woman?!


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