“Why Don’t We Get Drunk?” – Hart of Dixie

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.14.07 PMAfter the sheer torture that was New Girl, the return of Hart of Dixie came as a pleasant relief. Very little of significance happened, but then it didn’t need to. One of the very best things about Hart of Dixie is that the character writing and the incidental writing are done with such loving care that even a week light on story can be highly entertaining. And “Why Don’t We Get Drunk?” was certainly that. As Spring Break comes to BlueBell, it brings a little bit of drama in its wake. Ruby’s back in town, and George is (seemingly sub-consciously) trying to get in between Zoe and Jonah. Drama is notably absent between Zoe and Wade, who seem almost scarily civil. There are a few barbed comments, but nothing like what we were expecting. And yet none of that really held our attention. It just didn’t feel important enough. That’s hardly a bitter indictment. We knew not to worry about Ruby because we know enough about The CW shows to know when a particular relationship is going to soar, and it was Lavon and Annabeth’s time. And George and Zoe have been building to something for quite some time, so we’re content not to rush it.

The big storylines came from Brick, and from Wade and Lemon. That latter first. As Wally decides to sell the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade each decide that they want to buy it from him. Cue a vicious competition over a ‘hands on a hard body’ event, each determined to win the pleasure boat, sell it, and buy the Jammer. In one of the sweetest moves he’s ever pulled, Wade gives up the chance for an outright win because Lemon has to go to Brick in hospital (more on which later). Though predictable from the very start of the episode, the pair going into business – as they decided in the closing scenes – should prove quite diverting for the remainder of the season. But we have this strange feeling that, even in spite of all of the inevitable fighting and bitching, this pair will make it work.

Now to Brick. He’s been exhibiting troubling symptoms that have Shelby worried – headaches and clumsiness, for a start. Zoe and Jonah worry that this could mean a brain tumor, so they insist that he go for an MRI. Brick doesn’t want Shelby and the girls to know, but Zoe violates his doctor-patient confidentiality and tells Lemon anyway. When Brick comes out from his scan, he’s greeted by a waiting room full of family (something he clearly didn’t want). As he said the scan was clear, we caught a look that passed over his face, and a responding one on Zoe’s. We have to wonder: is he lying to protect his family? We think so. We expect a ‘big reveal’ over the next few weeks. Hart is about due a traumatizing story. We sort of wish it wasn’t this one, though. – K

Quoteworthy: “You know what my biggest regret is? Not having done enough I actually regret.” – Wally


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