“She’s Killing Me” – Grey’s Anatomy

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 2.15.37 PMWe seem to be thoroughly unenthused about last Thursday’s episodes. Grey’s Anatomy, like Go On, was less than amazing. Best described as ‘fine’, it neither kept us on the edge of our seats nor moved us to tears – the two staples of ‘good’ Grey’s. This was pure filler.

It wasn’t without merit though, and kicked up some interesting storylines for the future. Most notable of these, and now in its second week, is that of the kid (Ethan) whose parents are both on the brink of death, and Owen’s relationship with him. We may be way off base here, but we see this causing problems down the road. We envisage two separate scenarios. In the first, Ethan’s parents both die and his grandma doesn’t want to take him, so Owen adopts him (or tries to). In the second, Owen is just reminded about how much he wants kids, and that causes problems with him and Cristina.

Also of interest for the future development of the show (and likely to feature in the Season 9 cliffhanger, provided that there are no shoot outs in the hospital) is this week’s epidemic strand. Bailey appears to be spreading infections in her patients, and the final scenes of “She’s Killing Me” could be troubling for Bailey fans. It’s unclear what will happen next (though lawyers, depositions and investigations will almost certainly feature) but, potentially, the least we can expect is a job-on-the-line cliffhanger. We may close out the current season unsure whether or not Bailey will be returning in the Fall.

Other smaller storylines (surprisingly, in one case), include Kepner finally telling her paramedic the truth and getting dumped, Shane being dumped by Derek, and Meredith finding out that she has several of the markers that imply a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s. This latter arc, at least, should have been explored further. Considering how much focus has been put on Meredith’s pedigree over the last few years, we were surprised to see that the Alzheimer’s storyline was buried somewhat under the rest of the episode. We did get some nice moments, however, such as Cristina agreeing without hesitation to give Meredith the lethal injection as soon as she starts exhibiting symptoms.

Our favorite aspect of the episode, however, was the storyline about the Syrian doctors. Last week’s episode was touted as a harrowing real-life incident, but it was this week that really hit home and made you think. The episode succeeded in challenging first world viewpoints and highlighted the very real issues facing trauma surgeons in warzones. With each blow to the expectations of the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the point is driven home that little bit further – the things that we all take for granted are precious commodities to others. Pair this with recent announcements of casualties during Syria’s two-year civil war, and you get a sobering and powerful episode. – K



“I’m not living my dream. My dreams are big and bright and filled with extremely shiny machines that grow cartilage out of thin air.”

“I have that dream all the time.”

– Callie (to Avery), Dr Darvish


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