“Can’t Fight This Feeling” – Grey’s Anatomy

A strange offering from Grey’s, this. Enjoyable, certainly. Funny in places, sure. Drama filled? You betcha! But it was also a little disappointing. This episode was being promoted as “a mother’s worst nightmare”, with a healthy dose of lives on line, near misses, and parental solidarity. And, to a certain extent, we got that. But, confusingly, it felt like that wasn’t even the focus of the episode. It felt pushed aside in favor of some extra Kepner and Avery time. And it was missing that emotional core (the one that leaves you sobbing by the episode’s final scene) that makes Grey’s so successful.

From a more pragmatic point of view, we have to wonder about the wisdom of promoting this arc, and highlighting it as a real life story. We imagine the doctors watching the show are shuddering at the thought of the influx of mothers who will now start arriving in ERs with a list of internet-sourced maladies that their children are afflicted with, and refuse to leave because “that mother on Grey’s Anatomy was right, so I must be right, too”.

We may sound overly critical here, but the episode wasn’t a complete wash. Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) as the mother with a ‘feeling’, Casey, was fantastic. Her range here made us realize how criminally underused she was on shows like Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother. This left us hoping that casting directors everywhere sit up and take notice. We’d love to see more of her on our screens.

Aside from her storyline, we got pretty standard Grey’s fare – horrifyingly depressing deaths, on-call room hi-jinks, professional competitiveness, uplifting endings… the notable stand-out came in the form of Meredith’s final moment decision to volunteer Zola and herself for Bailey’s genome mapping trials. It seems as though we’re about to find out about Mer’s Alzheimer’s future. Whichever way that turns out, it’s going to be strange not having the doubt hanging over the show. And, whatever the result, the fallout should be interesting to watch. – K


“Brooks, you know how sometimes people downplay the difficulty of tasks by saying, ‘It’s not brain surgery?”


“This is brain surgery.”

– Derek, Brooks


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