“Salvation” – Arrow

I’m not sure I can say that this week’s episode of Arrow was good. It was certainly entertaining, and it was interesting in many ways, but good? That’s a little harder to quantify for once. While the story was solid, it was lacking the requisite tension to keep me on the edge of my seat. An episode that should have been fraught with danger and should have had me biting my nails just left me feeling more or less unconcerned. While the writers succeeded in upping the drama with the first two deaths, they never had me convinced that Roy was in any real danger. There was no chance that Ollie wouldn’t rescue him. Not even a sliver of one. Aside from the fact that I know Colton Haynes is signed on for an extended period, I also (as I said last week) have an inkling of his future – a future that would be hard for the writers to play up if he was dead.

And yet if that was my only complaint of the week, I suppose we’re in good shape.

Aside from the pseudo-copycat arc (which made up the majority of screen time this week), there were a couple of separate noteworthy strands. First among these is Roy Harper’s story. Thea’s desperate to get him out of his life of crime, but he’s been fighting against it. If this week’s kidnapping and near death don’t convince him he needs to change, nothing will. Though the way he was gazing at that arrow at the end of the episode makes me think change isn’t that far off.

Speaking of change, one thing changed for me this week – my perception of the Felicity and Oliver arc. No one is more disappointed than me to be saying this, but… it’s beginning to look completely one sided. For a while there I thought Ollie returned Felicity’s attraction but, in reality, he’s all about Laurel. While this week’s episode showed us that they would be perfect for each other (who else could they talk to about their real lives), I guess our hopes for an Ollie and Felicity relationship will, just like Felicity’s dreams of a future with Ollie, never be realised.

On the island, things took a turn for the worse and then, possibly, for the better. Fyres (surprise, surprise) double-crossed Ollie and Slade. While he distracted them, his soldiers searched the island and found the computer chip for the launcher, thereby removing their one bargaining, err, chip. In the process, though, they got Jao Fei’s daughter – a woman with surprising martial arts skills, and knowledge of Fyres’ master plan. She might come in handy.

In the search for Laurel’s sister, Sarah, everyone came up empty. The woman in the photo was a different Starling City resident. This was one of the more touching moments of the episode. It fully captured one of the hardest parts of grief – not the moment you lose someone, but the moment you remember that they’re gone.

Finally, we saw Moira betraying her assassination partner, Frank. She turned him in to Malcolm when the going got tough. She did it to protect her children but, as she ends the episode (literally) with blood on her hands, we have to wonder how she’ll hold up in weeks to come. Will the guilt become too much for her? And what will she try next to get out of the Undertaking? That should be interesting to see. – K

Quoteworthy: “It was right in front of our faces the entire time. My father, the other archer, the Undertaking… Whatever the plan is. It’s all connected to the Glades.” – Oliver, finally figuring something out


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