“Dude, Where’s My Husband?” – 90210


There are, at most, five episodes of 90210 left. Ever. And I can’t for the life of me figure out how they’re going to wrap all of this up in five weeks. Not because it’s full of drama, or cliffhangers, or exciting, plot-twist ridden storylines. Just because it never seems to come to an end. One story is wrapped up and another ten sprout in its place. 90210 is the Medusa of CW standards. And even aside from that, and in spite of all of its many problems over the years, it feels like a show that is unfinishable. Like it’s not meant to stop. Obviously, the writers are going to have their work cut out for them, and the next few weeks are going to pass by at a rapidly building, breakneck speed. Things will be resolved and, unless the writers don’t know how to do their jobs, things will be wrapped up in a neat little bow. I just can’t see it now.

What I can see is an ever-changing final scene. I have now changed my vision of the series’ final moments to include a Naomi and Jordan (Robbie Jones, Hellcats, One Tree Hill) marriage, and a Silver and Mark committed-but-not-married loving family home. And I still don’t care about Navid.

This may all sound negative, but I actually did enjoy this episode. Yes, the use of a The Hangover style evening is trite and done-to-death. It’s even been done better by shows like Psych. But “Dude, Where’s My Husband?” was relatively engaging, and threw up some surprise twists and turns to take us into the final stretch.

The last-minute suggestion of a potential romance between Dixon and Mikaela was enough to throw a spanner in the works in a major way and should provide some good fodder for the remaining episodes. As should the Liam and Navid v Kronos segment, though it’s lacking the necessary tension – this late in the game, we all know it can only end well. I can’t even be excited at the thought of Ade going off the rails again as a result of Silver going behind her back with Mark. She just doesn’t have the time to get up to anything good.

But I’m still relatively excited to see how it all unfolds. Which is probably the first time I’ve been actively excited about the show in years. I guess every cancellation has a silver lining. – K


“What are we, like brothers twice removed or something?”

“We’re in a brotherly zone. Let’s call it faux-bros.”

– Dixon, Mark


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