90210 Cancelled by The CW

Is it possible to be surprised and not surprised at the exact same time?

It has been announced that the current season of 90210 – its fifth – will be its last, as the CW stalwart has been officially cancelled. The move comes following a dismal year in ratings.

So what can we expect from the remainder of the season? Years of CW finales have taught us that the regular episodes will continue more or less as planned, though possibly with a little more urgency. Existing story lines will get wrapped up – Liam’s rage, Annie’s prostitution, Silver and Teddy’s baby drama, Liam and Annie’s (almost) series-long will-they-won’t-they – and few new strands will be introduced.

And then we’ll jump forward five years to see just how successful and wonderful all of the West Bev alums have become (because they will be successful – viewers are too fragile to allow for disaster). Annie will be a successful author. Dixon will be a successful producer. Silver will be a successful mom, possibly in DC. Naomi will be a successful party planner cum fashion designer in some exotic locale. Ade will be a successful recording artist who has finally overcome the demons of her youth. Liam will be a successful stay at home dad (and part-time entrepreneur) to his and Annie’s first kid. And Navid? Well we don’t really care about Navid, but he’ll probably be a successful (and honest) business man who has successfully shed the image that the Shirazi family has been burdened with.

Do you agree? Where do you see the gang in five years? Keep this post bookmarked so when the finale airs – May 13 – you can see how much we got right.


What did you think?

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