“Lovesick Blues” – Hart of Dixie

Really cute episode from Hart of Dixie this week. Upping the romance ante, for sure. As BlueBell is sequestered by an outbreak of the flu, we get loved-up couples in nearly every scene. Lemon and Walt were a treat (Lemon’s stressful build-up to her and Walt’s big night made his sweet, calm attitude, and their peaceful cuddling all the more poignant), Lavon and Annabeth upped the tension (their steamy kiss at the end of the episode was perfection), and Zoe and Wade learned the importance of being part of each other’s lives. Wade taking care of a Dr Hart laid low by the flu was one of the sweetest things in a saccharine episode. And we loved it. George was, once again, the stand-out player – his turn as director of Bluebell’s commercial had us giggling with every utterance. – B+K

Quoteworthy: “A bouncing house? Is this a joke? Okay, take 10 minutes, everybody, while I process my disappointment.” – George


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