“Band or DJ” – How I Met Your Mother

Following a host of abominable episodes, and a couple of incredible ones, it appears as though HIMYM has almost found a middle ground. “Band or DJ” was by no means fantastic, but it was just good enough to not get a damning review. The episode provided some decent jokes – though a little fewer and farther between than we would like – and some real emotion, which, as I’ve said before, is the cornerstone of any decent HIMYM episode.

For those of you who might be questioning whether Robin’s father’s secret marriage is beyond the realms of plausibility, I wish I could tell you that it is. I, too, am I member of that particularly bizarre club. So some of this episode’s content hit a little close to home. But that wasn’t the only heart-felt, tear-inducing part of “Band or DJ”. As Lily, in an effort to get Ted to admit he’s not happy about Robin and Barney’s engagement, admits that she sometimes wishes she’d never had Marvin, it was genuinely moving, and evoked a side of HIMYM that’s been rarely seen in recent months.

We feel that the show is definitely heading back in the right direction. That belief is compounded by this week’s announcement of the ninth and final season and by the closing scene of “Band or DJ”, which promised an introduction to The Mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Looks like we don’t have too long to wait! Is it strange that I still get vaguely excited at that prospect? – K

Quoteworthy: “Sorry. I haven’t slept in… January.” – Lily

Rachel Bilson and Kaylee DeFer guest.


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