“Blue Christmas” – Hart of Dixie

         Image copyright The CW (2012)

Other than in one aspect – Lavon and Lemon – this felt like the episode to finally close the ‘all about romance’ arc. It moved along at a fair clip, finding the time to incorporate a classic (albeit brief) comedy of errors, a reveal, a revelation, a proposal, a break-up, and a reunion.

It’s Christmas time in BlueBell. Lavon and Ruby are days away from their parting. Lavon tells Zoe that he and Ruby agreed to do long-distance on the condition that, a year from now, they move in together. So he wants to spend his last week with Ruby showing her all that BlueBell has to offer and exactly why it’s better than Dallas.

Wanda thinks George is going to propose to Tanzie, and tells Tanzie (comedy of errors). They eventually figure it out and everyone is happy.

In the midst of giving Tanzie the ‘perfect gift’, George walks in on Brick and Shelby in a compromising position (reveal).

Zoe nearly ruins Christmas by inadvertently giving Santa the week off. Turns out Crazy Earl used to be BlueBell’s Santa way back when and when she asks him if she can borrow his suit, he says only if he’s the one wearing it. Wade is furious because of how much of a disaster Earl’s last outing as Kris Kringle was. But, in the end, he has a really sweet conversation with his dad and convinces him that it’s okay to try to be Santa again. That the last time was only a disaster because his wife (Wade’s mother) had just died (revelation). Earl was actually great as Santa – the kids loved him and he didn’t make a fool of himself. We sort of feel like this is going to be the start of a new, sober Earl.

Lavon decides that, to keep her in town, he needs to make BlueBell somewhere Ruby thinks of as the place where the best night of her life happened. So he’s going to propose. Unfortunately, circumstances work against him. He asks Lemon to be nice to Ruby and make her feel like she belongs, and Lemon does try. But Ruby’s a bitch and Lemon can’t help but let slip in a fit of anger that Lavon loved her once, too. Lavon’s perfect Christmas proposal goes awry when he drops to one knee and Ruby walks away from him.

She tells him it’s not just about Lemon. That they’ve been lying to each other for months. That, realistically, they’ll never work because neither of them wants to be the person to move. As Ruby puts it, “The way you feel about the big city is the way I feel about this town.” And then she breaks up with him.

Zoe’s mom is in town, and Zoe is less than happy about it – she’s fed up of her mother’s judgmental ways, particularly as it might make her take a closer look at the mistakes she’s made. Through her mom’s advice, Zoe realizes that she really wants to be with Wade, officially and in public. They reunite on his porch in a steamy yet tender embrace. So cute!

As for that one aspect that isn’t resolved… Lavon confronts Lemon and tells her he can never forgive her for what she’s done. BlueBell will be entering the New Year with a bunch of loved-up new couples and a broken-hearted Lemon. We can’t help but wonder if this episode really was the resolution to all of the love-related storylines of the last month, or just a taste of more to come. – B+K

Quoteworthy: “It’s Christmas Eve, Doc. Crazier things have happened on this night than a doctor and a bartender.” – Wade


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