“Achy Breaky Hearts” – Hart of Dixie

        Image copyright The CW (2012)

As the title might suggest, this episode was just full of broken hearts (we may be exaggerating somewhat, but go with it) – Lavon’s, Ruby’s, Lemon’s, Brick’s, Magnolia’s, Zoe’s, Wade’s. In fact, it almost seems as though George is the only one who came out of this episode completely happy! If last week was an early Valentine’s Day, this week’s episode is full-on Bitterness Day (remind us to tell you about Bitterness Day sometime).

Although Ruby and Lavon eventually make it out the other side of this disastrous week for romance, it’s rocky there for a little while. When Lemon overhears Ruby agreeing to go for a drink with a man who is profoundly not Lavon, she sees her opportunity to get back in Lavon’s life. She recruits Zoe and, together, they discover that Ruby is talking to a headhunter about a CEO position. Zoe, who’s not Ruby’s biggest fan either, tells Lavon. Lavon and Ruby fight. Ruby leaves. But, after Lemon sees how heartbroken Lavon is (cue Lemon’s own heart breaking), she and Zoe concoct a plan to get the pair back together and, by the end of the episode, Ruby is back in town and planning to stay ‘til January 1st.

Magnolia’s heart is broken over a boy (aren’t all of ours).

Brick asks Emily to move to BlueBell and live with him and Magnolia. Emily breaks up with him. (Ouch.)

George asks Wade if he can ask Tansy out. Wade says no because he doesn’t want George to treat her as a placeholder for Zoe. George asks her anyway. George also tells Wade he knows about him and Zoe. And says that if Wade feels like he’s just Zoe’s placeholder he should talk to her. So Wade goes to see her. He leads with the information that George knows about them and doesn’t care. Zoe’s crestfallen when she hears that. And Wade’s visibly upset at her reaction. He doesn’t need to talk to her about being a placeholder. He already knows that’s how she sees him. We think this might spell the end of Zoe and Wade’s dalliance. Aww… – K

Quoteworthy: “That flank is bank. …That’s how the kids say good.” – Zoe


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