“I Walk The Line” – Hart of Dixie

      Image copyright The CW (2012)

It’s Election Day in BlueBell. Lavon is confused because he’s just realized he has feelings for Ruby. He doesn’t know if he wants to win so he can stay Mayor, or lose so she will just stay. Lemon is struggling with her feelings for Lavon and, on the advice of Annabeth, goes to tell him how she feels. But she’s too late. Wade had just given Lavon the same advice about Ruby.

Brick is being even more of an ass than usual. He’s stressed about Emily because she’s not calling or texting. He thinks there’s another man, and that he’s been dumped without her having the courtesy to actually dump him. When Zoe convinces him to fly up to Charlotte to see Emily, he remembers he hasn’t voted yet and there’s a frantic dash to fill in a ballot before 5pm. Everything’s fine between Brick and Emily.

Wade and George spend the day trying to convince Wade’s ex-wife, Tanzie, to move her trailer 6ft so she can vote in the election.

George and Presley break up, but there are already sparks between him and Tanzie, so that’s only going to be a matter of time.

The vote is tied!

Zoe has been teaching Magnolia how to drive and is giving her a lesson at the worst possible moment. With the result hanging, the decision is left to a chicken (a poultry Paul the Octopus) that has picked Ruby every single time. Zoe’s been driving around Bluebell with Brick’s absentee ballot. With seconds to spare, she hands the ballot to Dash who proclaims Lavon the winner – just as a truck pulls away and reveals Ruby and Lavon making out. Lemon is distraught.

But we don’t see this whole Lavon/Ruby thing lasting. She wanted power and he has it. She’s never going to be able to step back from that and it will almost certainly come between them. That, on top of the cold shoulder that Lemon will be giving as only she can, means Lavon is sure to figure it all out soon enough. Then it’s only a matter of time before he realizes which woman he wants to be with.

And is it just us or are Wade and Zoe’s post-coital conversations becoming more in-depth? Are they slowly transitioning from monogamous friends with benefits to something more? We think something more. – B+K


Quoteworthy: “Am I the only one that needs a cigarette after that?” – Annabeth, following Lavon and Ruby’s steamy debate exchange


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