“Walkin’ After Midnight” – Hart of Dixie

    Image copyright The CW (2012)

We don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. This is the second Halloween episode in a row that we didn’t hate. And for the exact same reason – Halloween wasn’t the focus, merely a means to an end. And, just as with that other show, the focus was, instead, on relationships. We’re so confused. But happy. Because two Halloween episodes we can enjoy is worthy of celebration.

In “Walkin’ After Midnight”, Zoe is scared because someone’s been sleeping in her house when she’s not there. Turns out it’s George and he’s been sleepwalking. She spends Halloween night trying to uncover the stress in his life that’s causing him to sleepwalk. She falls asleep and he evades her (not so) watchful eye. She has to enlist Wade to find him. They track him down at the Rammer Jammer costume party, when he introduces Zoe to one of his dates (yes, one of) as his girlfriend. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the reason behind George’s sleepwalking is Zoe, about which Wade is not happy – “Y’know, I always figured Tucker had dreams about you. I just never figured I’d be in one.” He’s also a bit miffed that Zoe’s spending time with George at all, especially when he catches them almost kissing. They’re supposed to be monogamous, so why does that only apply to him? In the end, Zoe does tell George that he needs to move on. Her reasons for not dating him still stand. She won’t be his rebound. And he can’t have that rebound until he starts seeing someone he feels something for. Enter Presley (Kelen Coleman, The Newsroom).

The other relationship that gets revisited in Hart of Dixie’s foray into Halloween is Lemon and Lavon’s (told ya.). Tom accidentally registers a 22-members-strong family to vote – a family that will never support Lavon because he played for Alabama State and they support the Auburn Tigers. Annabeth suggests that she pretend to date Lavon to get the votes. She’s Auburn royalty and it might just swing the Beaudry vote in Lavon’s favor. Lemon is disgusted. She pretends it’s because of the politics of lying to people but we think we all saw through that. She’s realized she has feelings for Lavon and hates seeing him with Annabeth, especially once she finds out that Annabeth has designs on making it more permanent. When Lavon puts an end to the charade, Annabeth is distraught but Lemon is left beaming. Annabeth tells Lemon that there’s six days left in the campaign and that “Anything could happen”. She means for her, but we think it’ll be Lemon left standing at Mayor Hayes’ side at the end of all of this. – B+K


Quoteworthy: “Lavon, I told you that alligator is a liability. You know it’s not too late to get it stuffed. I know a guy.” – Lemon


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