“Suspicious Minds” – Hart of Dixie

      Image copyright The CW (2012)

This week is all about misunderstandings. Zoe is enjoying the casual sex with Wade but, when she sees him entertaining another woman, she loses her mind a little bit. Jealousy doesn’t cover it. In retaliation, she goes on the worst date ever with Ruby’s cousin, Zach (Stephen Bishop, Moneyball, Battleship). After speaking to Lavon, Zoe realizes she’s never going to be good at a full on casual relationship so tells Wade it’s over – unless he’s willing to keep it going on her terms. She says she needs their casual whatever to stay casual, but be monogamous. He agrees. And then we find out it always was. The woman Zoe saw him bringing into his house was actually delivering tile for Zoe’s bathroom. Oh, awkward lols.

The other HUGE misunderstanding came about as the result of a smaller misunderstanding – Lemon’s ‘pregnancy’ ‘scare’. Lemon was feeling nauseated. After talking to Cricket she started panicking that she might be pregnant. Didn’t want to cause a scandal (BlueBell is such a small town) so shoplifted the pregnancy test. Got caught, so Lavon took the fall for her (“It’s for my gator.”). Zoe (in her bad-date drunkenness) blabbed about Lavon’s arrest to Ruby. Ruby leaked it to the press. Disaster for the campaign. All turned around by episode’s end though. Lemon isn’t pregnant, just seasick (or houseboat-sick, as the case may be). Tells Frank (the shop owner) that she was the one who stole the test. Day saved! Lavon is still in the race! Yaay! Down with Ruby!

Other news: Brick and Magnolia can’t live without Lemon. Their lives are disasters now. Lemon’s kind of a great campaign manager (other than the shop-lifiting). George is terrible at breaking up with people. And at executing the oh-so-simple compliment sandwich (“I forgot to tell you about the slapping part. It’s kind of the toothpick in the sandwich.” – Wade). George and Lemon switch living arrangements. Lemon will be in George’s apartment, George will be on the houseboat.

We kinda loved this episode. Shook things up a little, and left us with a sense of progress. Lavon’s campaign is (sort of) thriving, Wade and Zoe are heading in the right direction, Lavon and Lemon are so cute, George and Lemon are becoming friends (and maybe more. We don’t know about you but, much as we’re rooting for Lavon and Lemon, we see these two getting back together. Eventually.)… You have to wonder, though. In a show that thrives on drama (as most shows do), how long can this relative peace last? Here at Pond Hopping, we’re just waiting for the next big spanner in the works. – B+K

Quoteworthy: “Daddy? Are we going to die?” – Magnolia


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