“If It Makes You Happy” – ‘Hart of Dixie’

     Image copyright The CW (2012)

George starts dating, Lemon tries but fails. George and Brick are fighting. Wade is hanging around Zoe’s house with his shirt off (for which we can all be eternally grateful). Lavon doesn’t quite know what to do to fight off Ruby’s run for mayor. In fact, when she asks why he wants to be mayor in the first place, he’s stymied. Zoe’s got a reporter in town to do a piece on her for the Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine. She may have stretched the truth a little to get him there. Tom might have leprosy (doesn’t) and, in the process of finding out one way or the other, Zoe finds out that Wade talks about her with his daddy (aww). He has some great speeches for her in this episode – Wade, that is, not his daddy. Turns out Brick isn’t pissed with George because George hurt Lemon, but because George hurt him. Like losing a son, he says. Aww, these two 😦 Wade tells Zoe that the reason she’s never happy is because she has this vision for her life that isn’t coming true. He says it’s time to change that vision and be happy. Eventually (like two minutes later) she realizes that herself. Goes over to play strip Halo (and can we just say that sounds intense). Lavon realizes that the reason he likes being mayor is that he’s a problem solver. As mayor, people come to him to mediate and he loves doing it and is good at doing it. It’s a month to election day and he’s coming out fighting! Lemon moves on to Annabeth’s house boat and volunteers herself as Lavon’s campaign manager. If that doesn’t bring these two together, nothing will. The look that Lavon gives her at the end? Already brimming with love. There was just so much ‘aww’ this week!

Caveat: this was actually a really good, really funny, really sweet episode and wasn’t at all as shit as we just made it sound. – B+K

Quoteworthy: “I may be a drunk but I’m not deaf. He talks. Blah, blah, blah, Zoe. Blah, blah, blah, Zoe. Blah, blah, blah, Zoe, Zoe, Zoe.” – Crazy Earl


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