“I Fall to Pieces” – ‘Hart of Dixie’

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When we said goodbye to BlueBell back in May, George had just called off his wedding to Lemon and told Zoe he was in love with her. Zoe had just slept with Wade. With this brand new season, Hart of Dixie picks up more or less where it left off.

It’s the morning after the wedding that was not to be. The talk around town is that Zoe is a homewrecker who broke up the marriage (which, to be fair, is close to the truth).

Zoe is torn between George, who she’s been pining for since she got to BlueBell, and Wade, who she’s just discovered a connection with. Lemon decides she wants a fresh start – she wants to show BlueBell that her happiness is not contingent on marrying George. She wants to move out of home.

George calls over to Lavon’s. Finds out about Zoe and Wade. When he asks her if she has feelings for Wade, Zoe says she’s not sure. Score one for Team Wade.

Zoe goes to talk to Wade. Tells him she thought they had a connection. He says she’s confusing a connection with A+ sex. We have to wonder if he’s only saying that because he knows about Zoe and George and is trying to protect himself. It’s still a douche move though, so Team Wade loses its early lead.

As Lemon tries to move on with her life, she’s met with doubt by everyone in her life. No one thinks she can look after herself. She can’t even fill in an application for house rental without Brick’s signature (though that could be more to do with the fact that she has no job or money or prospects of her own).

Mayoral elections are coming up in BlueBell. Will Lavon’s re-election campaign be a plot arc this season? Dash says Lavon has 98.7 per cent popularity but thinks that could get dented by his association with Zoe. He offers to sign on as Lavon’s campaign manager to help him weather the Zoegate scandal.

Zoe makes a friend! A girlfriend! Ruby is BlueBell, born and raised, but left as soon as she graduated highschool. She’s back in town visiting her grandparents and she and Zoe hit it off. Set a dinner date so Zoe can talk about herself some more.

Brick’s love interest from last season – Emily, a distant cousin of George’s – is still in Bluebell. She asks Brick out but he declines, saying he has to focus on Lemon.

George calls over to Zoe’s office and makes a speech to rival all the romantic greats:

“Choose me. Look, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I’m not even saying that I know what’s going to happen next, but I know this: yesterday, when you told me that you were staying in Bluebell, I suddenly felt the girl of my dreams right there within my reach, and I had to reach and I did. And I hurt Lemon and I did things yesterday that I never imagined that I would, but it was either that or risk spending the rest of my life wondering if I let the woman that I know I’m meant to be with slip right through my fingers.”

Aww!! Score ten for Team George! Suddenly we don’t want Zoe to pick George. We want him for ourselves!

Zoe talks to Wade, tells him George has made a declaration and asks how he (Wade) feels about things. He basically says he wants to just keep doing what they did last night. No-strings-attached boning – “I have no interest in going all John Wayne with George Tucker to be your boyfriend,” he says.

Lemon finally snaps and tells Brick that he’s held her back all these years, not encouraging her to do anything beyond train to be a housewife.

After this fight, Brick calls Emily. Says he changed his mind about dinner.

When Ruby comes over for dinner, we find out that she and Lavon used to date in high school. Lavon screwed her over when he went away to college. Stopped talking to her but never had the balls to break up with her.

George calls over to Wade’s for beers and friendship. They both agree that, no matter which of them Zoe picks, they’ll still be friends. So how come Wade can act like he has an interest in Zoe when he’s with George, but not when he’s with Zoe? If Team Wade had any more points to lose they’d be losing them right now.

Lemon shows up at Zoe’s house with a cake knife and a wild look in her eyes. The whole town thinks they’ve got their very first hostage crisis, but Lemon just needed somewhere to go where she knew she wouldn’t be babied. Also she thinks she’s having a heart attack and she didn’t want to go to her dad because of their fight.

Wade wants to go in and rescue Zoe, but George won’t let him. He says Wade doesn’t know what she and Lemon need. They get into a wrestling match after Wade says “I know exactly what they need. Or, at least, that’s what one of them told me the other night right after round three.” (Zing!) This turns into a full on fight, so I guess Wade does have some interest in Zoe’s affections.

The whole town is gathered at Zoe’s house for the ‘hostage crisis’, which turns out to be really handy – George is able to tell everyone there was no affair. Zoegate is over.

After speaking to Lemon, Zoe makes her decision between the boys: neither of them. She doesn’t want to be George’s rebound and, after 15 years with Lemon, George isn’t ready for anything else. And Wade is Wade, so she can’t choose him.

They can, however, still have angry casual sex. And do.

Speaking of Wade, he hires Lemon to waitress at the Rammer Jammer.

Ruby is staying in town indefinitely. I wonder if, for some reason, she’ll run against Lavon in the upcoming election. That seems like something she’d do, just to get back at him for the way he treated her.

Fairly solid lead in to the new season! But what happens next? It’s impossible to know. With George and Zoe off the table, and Wade relegated to friend with benefits, the ‘heart’ might be missing from Hart of Dixie.

One thing’s for sure. This was the first episode where I actually liked Lemon. She seemed vulnerable, yet strong. She was finally laid bare, not the perfect housewife we all hated but someone with genuine flaws. That had been touched upon last season, but now, for the first time, Lemon is really confronting it. But will this new Lemon last the season?

We’ll just have to tune in to find out. — K


Now that Lemon is newly single, why are the writers setting Lavon up with another love interest? Surely he’ll be knocking on Lemon’s door first chance he gets (after an appropriate amount of mourning time)…


“Let’s just say I finally understand what R Kelly’s been singing about all these years.” – Zoe, describing sex with Wade

“B… B minus.” – Wade

“Many of the voters believe that your little bestie is behind the break up…” – Dash

“You might want to be on the lookout just in case she’s not going to slice a cake and you’re her target.” – Sheriff Bill, to George

“You may be a snobby New Yorker with horrible fashion sense but, I mean, at least you have a career. I have been with George Tucker for 15 years of my life and I don’t even know who I am without him. Never been single. Never been on my own. I’m as much a mess as they think I am.” – Lemon

“I have been through the worst public humiliation twice in two days and there’s nothing that you or George or anyone can do that will break me.” – Lemon

“Daddy. I love you and I have to get out from under your wings otherwise I’m just gonna suffocate in there, so please let me.” – Lemon

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